Chapter One

The obvious mind through the subtle body

The spiritual aspects of existence are more real than the physical dispensation of matter.  This can be demonstrated using any aspect of life. Let us take the word law for instance.

Our system has not completed defining law yet, the list keeps growing as we invent new things and our life style adapts accordingly. Years back, one has to break the fence and enter one’s premises to steal. But in today’s world, the same can be accomplished by sitting in the comfort of his study room.  So the legal system of this world has to adapt and redefine rules all over again.

Lets look at Gods book of law or rather principles. What God considers sin does not have to be rewritten in this world or the world to come.  It is not dependent on the physical manifestation of things but on the spiritual condition of a man’s heart (mind).  When Pharisees and Scribes (the religious leaders and scholars) questioned Jesus concerning his disciples not washing their hands (physical un-cleanliness) when they eat, He answered them ‘it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth’. What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart and out of the heart comes evil thoughts.

The legal system cannot detect the condition of a person’s heart or his evil thoughts while no ‘act’ has yet been committed, so that it can be corrected. The only thing it can do is to put the person away after the event has occurred.

God did not ask us to check our actions but to check our hearts and see for ourselves how wicked it can be and repent. Mathew chapter 5, 6 & 7 is all about investigating the condition of one’s own mind and not about learning rules of conduct.  Whoever is honest in admitting to this truth will consider repenting.

God does not have to show up on the clouds and make announcements every now and then that He exists and it would be ‘nice’ if we chose to believe in him.  Instead He chose to call for some due diligence from our part.  All it takes is a willingness to acknowledge our own nature that should lead us to repentance and to such He is near.  Bible says he is waiting at the door of every heart and knocking.  He is right there with salvation and as we repent, acknowledge and allow him to change us, we will start seeing the transformation/renewing of our mind from the inside out rather than from working our way through the outside.

Why work on the outside appearance of a person when it is only an indication of what he or she is in the inside?  It is as good as destroying the thermometer of the car and saying ‘the engine will no longer go into overheat’.  Let us not deal with the clothe, the makeup, the shoes, the ornaments, the speech, the attitude etc, but be careful to give him/her the opportunity to receive god through repentance, and the outward appearance will eventually confirm – not according to what we think is right, but according to what god wants him to be.  And if no change is evident in that person’s character/nature (spiritual aspects), although the physical aspects may or may not display drastic improvements, we as witness to the gospel, need to reevaluate ourselves and find out if we are teaching the law from our knowledge, or if we have been successful in allowing the holy spirit to express the love of god through our words as well as our actions.



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